Control White Grubs: How to get rid of Grub problems

It is quite difficult to control white grubs living in your soil. Most often grubs aren’t even noticed until after they have done their worst damage. Birds, pecking holes in your lawn are gophers are an early sign that grub pest problems exist. There several ways to defend your lawn and control white grub infestations. The first is to have a healthy lawn. Some lawns are healthy enough they can have insect problems and once the insects leave they can recovery in a matter of a few weeks.

lawn grub beetlesLawns are the ideal place for some grubs to live. They have access to lots of food and water and they don’t even have to travel very far to get it. White lawn grubs are typically beetle larvae living in the soil that eat the roots of your grass lawn. White grubs typically turn into beetles, because other forms of grubs, such as cutworms, and army worms turn into moths. The larvae stage is for more damaging than the adult stage. The early larvae stage is the best time to control or get rid of white grubs.

The best time to kill or control larvae is when they are actively growing during the late spring and early summer. During the winter, grubs may have burrowed themselves deep into the soil and be unaffected by pesticide. It is good to use a long-lasting pesticide to control white grubs. This kind of pesticide is more effective because it can kill multiple generations during the same time period. I am also doing research on nematodes as a more natural way to control lawn grubs. Sometimes multiple pesticide applications are necessary to kill white grubs.

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