Devastating White Grubs

White grubs, are also known as grub worms, are beetle larvae that can have a devastating effects to your lawn if you will not annihilate their habitation immediately. They are mostly white and their length is around one half to one inch long. White grubs mostly attacks roots of grass or ornament plants. These small insects often infests your lawn in large groups. This means there’s a lot of them attacking together. This is harmful especially to an unhealthy lawn.

tiny white lawn grubsThis is how they work. They hatch eggs during spring, feeding on the root of the grass. After they have much eaten, they will penetrate enough to weaken the grass. Your lawn becomes prone to drought, wilting or drooping. They will carry on this activity until summer ends. By July or early August, they will lay eggs once again. They will dig six inches below the dirt and comes out again during springtime and repeats the process.

You can know your lawn is getting destroyed by these devastating insects by looking on some signs. Since birds and gophers likes to eat them, there will be several holes in the ground as they try to get those white grubs for breakfast.

It is best that you should take early action on these devastating insects. Like what I have stated above, they can create serious problems to your lawn. Even if you have a very healthy lawn, it is not an assurance that they won’t destroy it. You may need a long-lasting pesticide that will surely endure from spring to fall.

However, prevention is always better than cure. Cleaning your lawn regularly is a good start. Don’t allow dog poop to sit on your lawn for more then a few days. Use of pesticides before fall season starts. Don’t let them hibernate and buried with weeds and dried leaves. You may also want to apply high potassium fertilizers to keep the roots of your grass healthy!

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