Got Grubs and Moles?

white grub control for lawnsIf you have moles, there is probably a reason why they are there. Moles come into your lawn looking for food like grubs. The best way to prevent mold infestation is by applying a grub control to your lawn to kill the existing grubs before the moles can find them and eat them. If your lawn is scrub free, chances are that it will also be mold free. There are a few different types of grub control that you can use. The first type is Grub X. It is effective on smaller grubs and will kill them almost immediately. Grub X is applied in the early to mid spring. If you are treating them in the late spring, it is better to use Ortho Max or Dylox or Bayer grub control. These other poisons are a bit stronger, and they can kill rubs even when they are larger and sometimes, they can even kill the beetles.

If you have a mole problem, and don’t want to kill the mole, you can try to set a trap for it and remove it once it comes into the trap. Sometimes these work, but if they don’t, you’ll probably end up having to kill them all to save your lawn. You can do this simply by setting a trap inside of one of their tunnels. As they run through the tunnel, the trap will snap and it will kill the mole. Anther way to kill a mole is by using bait. Once again, this bait goes inside of a tunnel. This is because moles will spend most of their time in their tunnels. Even during the day moles are busy digging underground. Moles have no trouble seeing in the dark, and they find most of their Grubs by their sense of smell.

How to Prevent Moles?

One of the best ways to prevent moles from eating up your lawn and garden, is to apply grub killer, and get rid of the grubs that are there first. Most moles do not come into your yard just to dig holes and irritate you. Most of the time they are looking for grubs to eat. Grubs love to live in your soil and in your lawn. Your lawn provides them with a rich food source. If you do not like having moles in your lawn, you should probably apply some grub killer. After you do this, the moles will have a lot harder time finding the food that they are looking for. And they may decide to go into your neighbors’ lawn instead. One way to kill grubs when they first come out, is to use Grub-X or some other type of grub killer for white grub control. You want to apply this in the spring time. If you have moles that have already dug holes in your lawn, the best way to kill them is to put traps in their tunnels. As they run underneath the ground through their tunnels, they will set off the traps and that should take care of them.

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