Grub Worms- Five Things That You Should Know about Grub Worms

white lawn grubsIn order to deal with the problem with grubs in your lawn, there are five things that you need to know about them that will help you treat and control them much easier. The first thing that you should know about grub worms is that they live just underneath the surface of your soil. You won’t really find them during the day unless you are looking for them. You may have to dig through the top inch or two of soil before you start exposing them. Most of the time, they are just below the surface. Also grub worms are nocturnal so they can come out at night and crawl along the surface of the soil. It is too risky, because there are a lot of natural predators that would like to eat them.

The next thing that you should know about grub worms is that they typically hatch in the fall. They start out in your grassroots in the fall and then they hibernate over the winter. In the spring you will notice a lot more of your grubs and lawn is being invaded by them. They get the biggest about the end of the spring. In the early or mid summer, they go into molting and then they emerge as adult beetles. The best time to kill grub worms is when they are large grubs and they are eating a lot every day.

The third thing you should know about grubs is that they will eat out the roots on your lawn. Usually, they like to eat the tap root on your grass. After they eat out most of the roots, it takes your grass a while to heal itself. If for some reason, your grass is not getting enough water, it will die very quickly. Also, when there are large concentrations of grub worms, they will eat so much of your grassroots that your grass will die completely. When there are only a few grubs, it is lethal on your grass. They just slow down the growth of your grass and not killing it. Most lawns have grubs in them, but a few lawns have a lot of grubs and when they do, it can kill your grass.

The fourth thing you should know about grubs is what they look like. Grub worm actually looks nothing like an earthworm. A grub worm is fat and short. Most of the time grubs are three-quarters of an inch long and ΒΌ inch in diameter. The size varies throughout the year, but this is their size of usually in the middle of the spring.

The fifth thing that you should know about long grubs is that there are actually a lot of different ways that you can treat your lawn. You can use a grub killer that is a poison, but you can also treat your lawn organically. Sometimes, the organic methods work better because they do not kill all the other living things inside of your lawn. One method is to use milky spores. Once you apply this to your lawn, it should stay in your lawn for several years. Milky spores is a disease that affects only the grub worms. After the treating your lawn, the grubs get sick and eventually, a lot of them will die. Another way to treat your lawn is to use nematodes. Nematodes are worm-like and they can attach themselves to grubs and becomes a parasite.

Basically you are using one predator to control grubs when you use nematodes. Another way for you to control grubs is to wear lawn aerator sandals with 2 inch spikes on the bottom. As you walk across your lawn, you can actually kill a lot of the grubs that are in there. When you use grub control, you don’t have to kill every grub, but killing 30% to 40% of them will often prevent your grass from being destroyed.

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