How Can You Tell if You Have Insects in Your Lawn?

predetors help control lawn grubsBefore you treat your lawn for insects, you want to make sure you have a high enough population of insects or grubs to damage your lawn.   Having insects or grubs in lawn is natural, but too many are devastating. They can take a nice looking lawn and in a matter of weeks, they can completely destroy it.

It is best  to recognize what some of the signs are. One sign is if your grass starts to turn yellow for no clear reason. If your lawn is getting plenty of water and sunlight, as well as fertilizers, and your grass still turns yellow you probably have a problem with insects. This can either be a fungus or insect infestation. One thing that is notable about insects, is that they will destroy the roots first, so if this is the case, the grass should rip out of the lawn easily.  Most of the time insects are pretty easy enough to kill, as long as you catch them early and you put down enough poison when you are trying to kill them.

When is the Best Time to Treat Lawns for Insects?

The best time to treat your lawn for insects depends on which part of the country you live in.  We want to help you know when to treat your lawn for insects. Most of the damage done by lawn grubs is in the middle of the summer. If you’re going to treat your lawn, you want to do it earlier. Most people will treat their lawn in the  the late spring, or the early summer. This is the best time to use grub killer to kill grubs that are in your lawn.  Japanese beetles are an exception because the best time to treat them is in the fall.

What types of lawn grub control are the best?

I have always preferred to use the granular applications. This is because it goes directly on the plant and can also be absorbed into the grass plant. As the grubs grow, they eat the grass plants and the roots. The systematic grub killer works well to kill them as they eat these plants.

The Life Cycle of Grubs in Your Lawn

If you are suffering from grubs in your lawn, before you can know how to treat them, it is important to understand their life cycle Most of the time these grubs in lawn are the larva of lawn beetles. They can also be the larva of crane flies. The most common kind of lawn beetles, are Japanese beetles, June beetles, and Chafer beetles. Lawn beetles will hatch in the early spring. Then they will find a new lawn to lay their eggs in. In a month, their eggs will hatch. They emerge, not as beetles, but they will be small larva. This larva will continue to get bigger throughout the spring and the summer, as they eat your grass and your grass-roots. In the fall, the grubs will burrow themselves deep into your lawn. Four or five months later in the spring, they will emerge as beetles and the life cycle will repeat itself. The time in their life cycle, where it is easiest to kill these grubs, is when they are larva and they are actively feeding on your lawn.

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