How Do White Grubs Affect Your Lawn?

lawn grubsWhite grubs can have a very devastating effect on your lawn. If you do not take care of them immediately after you realize there is a problem, they can attack the roots and ornamental parts of your lawn, and within a matter of a few months, they can completely destroy it. Lawn grubs typically will hatch their eggs during the spring. These eggs are laid by beetles or crane flies at the end of the fall. During the early spring they hatch and come to the surface of your grass to feed on the tender shoots and to the roots of your lawn. You will know that you have them in your lawn, if you start seeing your grass starting to turn yellow, and eventually become brown dead patches. The easiest way to get rid of grubs in lawn, is to apply a grub control or poison to your lawn in the early summer.

How Long Does It Take Grubs to Destroy Your Lawn?

It does not take a long time for grubs to destroy your lawn. Often, as soon as you realize you have a problem, you should get the problem treated. If you do not, then you could have more serious problems. These problems will include having to do some major repair to your lawn or replacing it in the fall, if you do not treat your lawn for grubs in the spring. If you have a serious problem with lawn grubs, it is also possible that you will have problems with gophers, and moles digging through your soil. You may also even have birds that come down and pick your soil to pieces, while they are looking for grubs to eat. Preemptive action, is the best way to prevent these problems. If you know that your neighborhood has problems with grubs, do not hesitate to put down any grub control during the late spring. This will prevent you from having as many problems with lawn grubs later on.

Why Should I Use Grub Control in My Lawn? 

  1. Lawn grub control is not something you need to do all the time. It’s not like fertilization or watering your lawn, where if you don’t do it on a regular basis, your lawn is practically guaranteed to die. However, it is important to keep your eye out for lawn grubs, because they can quickly ruin your lawn before you know you even have them. Lawn grubs live in your grassroots and as they mature into adults, they live off of eating the roots of the grass. In the early spring you don’t notice this, because first of all they are barely hatching and beginning to eat the roots, and second, even with very shallow roots, most places get enough rain in the spring time that grass can still look green and healthy.

    But as soon as it starts to warm up in late spring and into the summer, the grass will quickly die. You may have several patches throughout your lawn and dead yellow grass. At this point you have to replant the grass in this area, but you have to wait until you first get rid of the grubs. By the time you’ve noticed this problem however, the grubs are gone until the fall when they come back to your lawn to lay their eggs. So now that your lawn is already ruined, you need to decide if you’re willing to spend the money now and have it look good for this summer, or take your chances with trying to do grub control in the fall or waiting a full year to make sure and get rid of the pests before planting again.

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