How to Use Aerator Shoes to Kill White Grubs

aeration sandels and white grubsMy favorite method of killing lawn grubs actually works. It doesn’t involve the use of chemicals, and it is 100% organic. The easiest way to bring down grub populations is to walk across your lawn with a pair of spiked aerating shoes. Now, I am not a big advocate of spiked shoes for aerating your lawn. I think it is far easier and more effective to use a mechanical lawn aerator than to use the shoes to aerate with. However, they do a good job by killing grubs. This is because they usually have 2 inch spikes on the bottom and the spikes that are about a half an inch apart from one another. Most grubs tend to live between 1 inch to 3 inches below the surface of your soil. They feed on the roots of your grass.

white GrubYou can get rid of grubs in your soil by putting on a pair of lawn aerator shoes and walking across the lawn. Make sure that you walk across the areas where you have grubs three or four times. You really want to make sure to kill as many of them as possible. Even though you won’t kill all the grubs in your lawn, if you can get rid of 30 to 40%, then your lawn should start to look better and repair itself.

Make sure that if you have grubs in lawn that you keep watering your lawn regularly. As long as your grass doesn’t dry out, it will probably stay alive. If your grass dies because of grubs that have eaten all the deep roots, then you will have to tear out that part of your lawn and replace it. It is much cheaper to spend a little extra money on watering to keep it green until the grubs have left. Then, you want to put down a grub killer containing an IGR ( insect growth regulator ) to keep grub eggs from hatching, or to keep grubs from molting into adults.

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2 Responses to How to Use Aerator Shoes to Kill White Grubs

  1. Hello Admin,

    It is true, grubs eat grass roots and kill it. I am not sure which pesticide is best to protect soil and grass from this evil. I am not sure how aerating shoes help me get rid of grubs….


    • spencer says:

      Aerating shoes are a natural way to kill grubs. Most of the time they live near the surface of the soil. The downside it that aerating shoes are the most effect when grubs are near the end of their larva cycle and this is when they do most of their damage. Poisons can be applied earlier to keep this damage from occurring.

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