Methods of Organic Grub Control

Organic grub control is a pretty effective way to control Grubs. Did you know that most pesticides are organic grub controlpoisons and they have a half-life? These poisons can affect every kind of living organism in one way or another. Even though you can use pesticides to kill lawn grubs, they also kill the beneficial living organisms in your lawn. So if you’re having problems with lawn grubs and you want to get rid of them here are three different methods that you can use.

I call this first mOrganic grub controlethod, the spikes of death. ( when I first read about the name of this treatment, I was laughing.) Basically, this entails wearing spiked aerator shoes and walking over your lawn opines. Actually some of the experts on Japanese beetle control have stated that this is their favorite method. You have the benefit of aerating your lawn and killing grubs at the same time. It could almost be enjoyable.

The second method is to use  for organic grub control something called milky spores. Actually, the scientific name is the milky disease. Milky spores is just a brand-name product. In order for this product to work, you need to have a high concentration of lawn grubs are the existing in your lawn. The disease is actually bread and transmitted through the grubs themselves. So the more grubs you have, the better your chances are of reducing the population. In controlled laboratory tests, milky spores has been very effective. In order for it to work, the lawn temperature needs to be above 65° and the insect has to eat the milky spore while they are chomping at your roots. The advantage of using this type of organic solution, is that it can stay in your lawn for a very long time and you never have to reapply it. Also, as far as experts know, the only organisms it affects are white grubs, and it works best on the Japanese beetle.

The third method you can use to organically eliminate grubs is beneficial nematodes. A nematode is small, long skinny worm. Once they are in your soil, they are parasitic to grub worms. They will attach themselves to grub worms and eventually kill them. They are fairly effective, especially with large populations of grubs. Studies have proved that this method of organic grub control, is fair effective. (see ScanMask in the product carousel.)

The fourth way of organic grub control to use a lawn dethatcher or a power rake. These method gets rid of the thatch layer where grubs live. When I power rake a lawn with grub problems, I find lots and lots of dead grubs mixed in with a thatch.  By removing the thatch, you’re going to remove at least half of the grubs in your lawn. Grubs will be more vulnerable to natural predators such as birds, moles and gophers if you remove the protective layer of thatch from soil. Also, after you power rake a lawn, it is the ideal time to fix the damage the grubs cased.

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