Prevent Lawn Grubs by Thatching

thatching prevents lawn grubsIf you want to keep your lawn green and healthy, but struggle because there is dead grass and it, you should consider thatching your lawn. Thatching a lawn helps prevent lawn grubs because it gets rid of the layer where insects live in.

Also you get rid of the installation that protects white grubs in the winter and the cover that protects them from natural predators such as birds. Thatching also helps to prevent lawn disease by getting rid of thatch and allowing oxygen to reach the surface of the soil.

In addition, thatching can also kill a lot of the lawn grubs mechanically. This is because the blades on the fax machine will go up to a half an inch below the surface of the soil. As a cut into the surface of the soil, they may actually just sliced through some of the white grubs as they go. Thatching is fairly easy to do, and you can do both lawns that are around 2000 ft.² in about an hour and a half. Experts recommend you thatch your lawn every 3 or 4 years.   Another thing thatching does is it makes pesticides more effective. If you use grub control to kill the it will work better, if it doesn’t have to go through its way through a thick layer of lawn thatch.

Most of the time when long grubs are in a lawn, they do not do a lot of damage. But if your grass is unhealthy for any reason, the damage suddenly becomes much more visible. This is because the lawn grubs will start to beat the lawn faster than it will. One of your best defenses against grubs damage is to keep your lawn healthy and strong. If you have thick healthy grass and strong roots, you are not very likely to notice when you have grubs in your lawn.

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