FAQs About Lawn Grubs

What are Lawn Grubs?

Lawn grubs are small, worm-looking larvae growing in soil. They eat the lawn and by so doing destroy healthy grass over time. It is hard to tell right away if you have them in your lawn, it is not until patches of grass start dying and by then its too late. It is important to keep your lawn healthy so it can fight off these kind of intruders and check in the early spring and late fall for any signs of lawn grubs.

What are the most common types of lawn grubs?

types of lawn grubsThe most common types of white grubs are cutworms and white grubs. White grubs are beetle larvae and cutworms are larvae of moths. They are usually longer than white grubs and brown or tan colored, while white grubs are white (hence their name).

How do lawn grubs affect lawns?

During spring and early summer, lawn grubs live in the thatch layer of the soil. This is the layer of dead grass and debris that lays just on top of the soil. This spongy layer protects the grubs and provides adequate food and water. White grubs actually eat the roots of the grass killing it over time, while cutworms eat the blades killing the tops first and then not allowing nutrients from the sun and air to reach the roots. Over time the lawn dies and you will find yourself having to put in a whole new yard.

How can I tell if there are lawn grubs in my yard?

prevent lawn grubsTake note if birds seem to like your lawn. Most likely there is a good reason – lots of good food for them. Gophers also like grubs and you may find many gopher holes in your lawn because of them. A tell-tale sign is when the lawn starts wilting a drying out in different areas (spots throughout the lawn and not just a few spots where dogs urinated). The surest way to tell is just to check your soil regularly. Early each spring rake down into your grass and see if you can spot any grubs.

How can I prevent lawn grubs?

Keep up a healthy lawn. If you have very little or no thatch for the white grubs to live in, they will pass by your yard and move to your neighbors (although ideally you want them neighborhoods away not just neighbors away). Although you may have plenty of desirable food in good healthy green grass, grubs can survive in an environment that is perfectly warm and moist. This will not happen without thatch.

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